Uttarakhand is a beautiful state where you can observe the indisputable expression of rare birds and animals. A large part of this beautiful state is covered by green wildlife parks and sanctuaries.


1) JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK:- Jim Corbett national park is the oldest national park in India named after Jim Corbett. It was first established in 1963 as Hailey national park which later got changed into the name Jim Corbett national park. It is famous for protecting endangered species like the royal Bengal tiger and many more.

2) RAJAJI NATIONAL PARK:- Rajaji national park in Uttarakhand is a park which is an example of unexplainable beauty. The entire park is covered with dense forests in between which rare species of animals are found. Some of them include the Asian elephant, sloth bear, Bengal tiger, striped hyena and many many more.

3) DEHRADUN ZOO:- Dehradun zoo of Dehradun is a famous zoological park which is a very popular tourist spot. It is home to many birds, leopards, turtles, and other wild animals. Early it was only popular for deers and was known as Malsi Deer Park.

4) NAINITAL ZOO:- This is another popular high altitude zoo which is at a height of 2100mts. This is home to many endangered species covering a total of 4.963 hectares.

5) NANDA DEVI NATIONAL PARK:- Nanda Devi national park is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most popular parks for trekking. Apart from that, it is also a very popular tourist destination in India. It is surrounded by Nanda Devi mountain on three sides hence the name Nanda Devi.

6) GANGOTRI NATIONAL PARK:- This park is located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. This is a biogeographical park which has a wide variety of endangered birds and animals. It is also popular for trekking. The northeastern boundary of this park shares its border with China making it more attractive to the tourists. It is filled with springs, waterfalls and many other snow capped mountains.

7) BENG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY:- This is a very popular sanctuary and a part of Rajaji national park. But it is separately built to preserve mostly birds. This beautiful sanctuary was established in 1993 covering a huge area which has become a haven for birdwatchers. Many rare and exotic bird species like Blue Magpie and White Capped Water are found here.

8) VALLEY OF FLOWERS:- Valley of flowers is the second core reserve of Nanda biosphere reserve. The name originates from the beautiful alpine flower covering the entire valley. It also preserves many endangered species like snow leopard, blue sheep, musk deer and an innumerable number of species. 9) GOVIND PASHU VIHAR:- Govind Pashu Vihar is one of the best parks to visit during any time of the year. The temperature here remains moderate throughout the year and is the best spot to spend time in opulent wildlife. It was established in the year 1995 and since then preserves wide flora and fauna. Some of them are Chirr pine, oak, maples, silver fir and many more.

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