Why you would spend your Halloween in London?

Halloween is a yearly holiday that is celebrated with full excitement and enthusiasm in London. In fact, it is one of the best places to visit on this occasion. Although it was originally known for wearing scary costumes and lighting bonfires, the contemporary party celebrations are more about candies and dancing.

There are many Halloween tours in London that can be experienced. There is a lot that can be tried during this occasion. From haunted houses to dungeons and horror streets, you will enjoy London to the fullest during this event. Here is why you would want to spend your Halloween in London:

Attending a Halloween Ball

There is a wide range of Halloween Balls to choose from when it comes to London. However, there are two main events that are popular – the candlelight club and Halloween Ball at the mansion London. These events are ranked at the top by many official journals. From live performances to dancing and fire shows to first-class entertainment, there is a lot that you can experience.

Horroctober Cinema Date

This is something that a lot of tourists are not aware about. You can watch the best Halloween hit at a 120-year-old venue with a huge 25 feet big screen. Halloween delights can be enjoyed together with the movie which will make the experience better. If you are much into horror movies that too in a cinema then this is the best place you can visit in London.

The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons are not only popular during Halloween but throughout the year. You can come across London’s most notorious and scary characters at these dungeons. There are two thrilling rides and nineteen haunting tales. The Halloween show can be experienced as well which is one of the major threats. However, make sure you book the tickets beforehand since the demand is really high. The Halloween period is extremely busy therefore plan the trip accordingly.

Halloween Dog walk and show The event is held in The Spaniards Inn. It is a must-attend because it supports a great cause to rehabilitate and re-home dogs around London. If you are a dog-freak then you would fall in love with this event. There are cute canines that can be seen that too for a good cause. It is one of the most visited places in London during Halloween.

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