Where to Create a Travel Website for Free

Do you love to travel a lot? Do you like taking pictures of the places you have visited and posted them online on social media such as Facebook or Instagram? Do you like to explore new areas and places whether in your country or abroad? Well, maybe it’s time to elevate your travel experience by creating a travel website! Don’t just keep your experiences to yourself, share them with the world and start your own travel community. In order to do so, you need to learn how to create your own online space for your traveling experiences. Here is how to create a travel website like this one for free so you can get started!

Benefits of Creating a Travel Website

There are many benefits of having your own travel website especially if you travel every so often. If traveling is your passion, having a travel website will even give you more benefits in the long run. Here are the reasons why:

  • You can build your own travel community and interact with like-minded travelers.
  • Establishing your online presence. A travel website allows you to build an online following and establish a presence on the web. This online presence can open new doors for you such as sponsorships, meeting other people, meeting travelers and good Samaritans along the way.
  • Provide information and share reviews or opinions about a certain travel destination, place, restaurant, or hotel. Don’t like the service of a particular restaurant in some country you recently backpacked in? Share it to the world and let other travelers know! Experienced a traveler’s scam in Paris? Let other travelers know about so they can prevent the same thing from happening to them? Absolutely loved the service of this hotel you stayed in? Give them a great review online and let others know so they can have a good business. Your own website is a great opportunity to air grievances and joys of different things related to your travel.
  • Establishing networks and meeting different travelers. Let’s say your website is a niche site about backpacking in Southeast Asia specifically. Many similar travelers will be finding your blog and try to network with you. This really helps in meeting Southeast Asian backpackers or those who also blog or write about Southeast Asia.
  • You have the opportunity to monetize your travel website. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. With your own website, you can eventually make money online. Establish a strong brand and gather lots and lots of loyal readers to your website. If you travel often already, this is even a bonus since a website can help add extra money to your travel expenses. Some travel nomads and frequent travelers earn a full-time income through their travel website. Aspects of monetization include the following:

            Banner advertisements: these are the banner ads you see on a website’s footer or sidebar. You earn money whenever someone clicks on the link

            Affiliate marketing: A link somewhere on your website, wherein if a person clicks your link and purchases the service or item, you get a commission from the company who gave you the affiliate link.

            Sponsored posts: Sometimes, some companies or brands will require you to write a blog post for a certain fee. They should offer you some kind of compensation for this- monetary, product, service, or likewise.

            Your own products or merch: If your travel website is recognizable or has already established strong brand recognition, you can start selling your own products or merchandise related to your travel website.

Where to Create a Travel Website for Free

It’s very easy to start a website these days. Essentially you need only the following when you want to create a website:

A good domain name– This is your website’s brand name or the URL you want your website to be found online.

A website host- Your website will not function without a website host. A site host stores all information regarding your website.

A website template- This is your website’s design. You can get a professional website designer to make this or opt for a premade website template.

Site content- Your site content includes the files needed for your websites such as photos, videos, audio, and text.

You might be wondering, where to get these all?

On a positive note, all of these are readily available when you create a travel website using a website builder like hPage.com. There are also extra features readily available for choosing and embedding on to your website.

A website builder allows you to build a free website on any niche- whether that may be related to travel, lifestyle, fashion, business, etc. When you sign-up on a website builder, you automatically get a site domain, website host, and premade website templates.

There are hundreds of premade website templates available already and you just have to pick from one of them. Best of all, website builders like hPage.com are completely free and no fees required. You also have access to basic features which you can install readily on your website. Try out the hPage.com free website builder now and start creating your own travel website today!

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