What are the best Diwali tour packages in 2019?

Diwali season is near. This is when most of the families are looking for Diwali tour packages. Diwali is not only celebrated by Hindus but other religious sects such as Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains celebrate this festival. It is a symbol of knowledge over ignorance and spiritual light over darkness.

In this festival, you would want to travel at least India if not the world. You can experience Happy Diwali 2019 by getting to know different cultures. Here are some of the best tour packages that you can have a look at this season:

  1. 8-Day Diwali Festival Package

This 8-day tour will one of the most memorable trips of your life. It includes a wide range of activities in Delhi such as visiting Jama Masjid. Then you will travel to Jaipur on the express train. Agra is one of the most beautiful places that you will visit on this trip. It is known for being home to the Taj Mahal. It is a reasonable trip that would give you insights into different festivities.

  • 7-Day India Diwali Festival Package

This is another tour package that you can get access to in order to enjoy your Diwali the most. Indian culture can be explored the most with this package. There are wonderful sightseeing locations in this package. You can even visit the shopping centers in Chandni Chowk and get to know the famous tourist shopping stops. Remarkable hotel accommodations, breakfast, and complete transportation are included in this package.

  • 5 Night Diwali Golden Triangle Tour

This is another wonderful tour that you can go with and celebrate Diwali to the fullest. You can immerse yourself into the festivities with the Golden Triangle. You will have the opportunity to witness Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Taj Mahal, and other famous sightseeing locations. Diwali firework displays can be seen as well. The tour also includes pickup and drop off from the hotel and airport. This is something that you will not find with most of the tour packages.

  • 3 Day Package with Indian Family

This tour is a great way to understand Indian culture in detail. You will get to know how the Indians celebrate Diwali in their houses. You will enjoy the tea and different Indian snacks throughout the journey. Traditional dinner will be served as well on different points on the trip. This 3 Day trip is surely a short one but you will get to know the different aspects of Indian traditions.

  • 2 Day Diwali Experience in Agra

If you are fond of Agra, then this is the right tour to go forward with. It is a wonderful tour that will help you to experience the festival with lights. You will be taken to the market where you will get to know the Diwali celebrations. This tour includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, snacks, air-conditioned transport, bottled water and much more. It is one of the most desirable tour packages in the market.

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