Ways you can keep your wife happy and unwound.

If you look up the word ‘relationship’, you will find it refers to the connection between two or more people bound by blood or marriage. However, as time went by, the purview of its meaning was extended until the connection between two or more people bound by whatever obligation. For the longest time, marriage has been regarded as the holy union amongst two people. When two people are certain of their affinity towards, they culminate their relationship into marriage. There is a famous aphorism that observes that, in a relationship, the following coexistence renders to be of far more important than the inception. It is true that only when you live with a person, their entirety is revealed to you. It might get overwhelmingly difficult for you to tackle the issues of the relationship or take care of the person at all times. Regardless, not always do you need a grand gesture to recede a towering plight. In this blog, I will list as well as discuss with you some brief approaches which will help you in the long run.

Understand her.

Women are not as complicated as they are manifested to be. Their inclinations or their perceptive, sometimes, diverge from that of most men but that does not necessarily render them as some mysterious creature. Women do not ask for a lot, all they want is to be understood. If she keeps cribbing about her work, instead of hitting back at her or countering her with how your day was worse, sit by her and listen to what she has to say.

Be attentive.

Paying attention to little details will work like magic. You might be busy with your work but, similar to everything else, you HAVE to take time out for her because, ‘If there is a will, there is a way.’ Try your best not to drag your office back home. If she is telling you about a silly episode in her day that made her laugh, try to participate in the conversation. Do not respond with a ‘hmm’ and continue to get back to work. Most importantly, DO NOT FORGET BIRTHDAYS OR ANNIVERSARIES. If it is utterly difficult for you to remember, then keep a reminder on your phone as ‘Happy Birthday Cake’ or ‘Anniversary Cake’. Just google the best birthday cake for delivery. You will find quite a few online shops. Contact any one of them, keep them notified and they will do the rest.

Communication is the key.

Always, always, always remember that communication IS the key. Never ever should you be passive. The other person can’t interpret every reticent thought of yours. If you don’t like something, say it. If you like something, say it. Be forthright. Don’t always wait around for your wife to decode everything on your own. According to a survey, the maximum number of divorces or break-ups happen due to lack of communication. When you are practicing the habit of being candid, preach it as well. Your relationship will only survive when there is sufficient effort exercised by both contenders.

 Long Distance Relationships

The term LDR, i.e. long-distance relationship, itself, works as a representative of a traumatic experience for a large group of the population. A lot of couples decide to separate from this particular point or choose not to engage in such an experience at all. LDRs, however, can be easily defeated by one maneuver- regular and candid communication. Fix one timespan during the entire span of the day and devote it to each other. If you happen to live outside India during their birthday or anniversary, you can send cakes to India and try to compensate for your absence. Your effort will do the deed.

Plan a surprise occasionally.

Daily life can easily get monotonous.  To cut through the monotony, you can plan some brief getaway every alternative weekend. You can even arrange any activity where both of you will participate together. If you feel utterly indolent and wish to spend the day at home, you can watch a movie together or bake some cake together. Apart from these, you can plan a surprise dinner for her or bring her some gifts on your way home. If all of this is a lot for you, you can order flowers online.  Bloomville is a flower and cake delivery in Bangalore who will provide you with ample help in case you plan any surprise for your wife. All you have to do is keep them updated and inform them of your requirements for the cakes or flowers, and they will deliver in time.

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