Top 5 Tropical Itineraries Best for Solo Adventurers

Traveling solo is one of the most underrated yet daunting tasks there is. There is just something so nerve-wracking about being in a different place on your own. To put it simply, you are placed right out of your comfort zone in the best way possible. But thanks to the availability of the best travel wifi hotspot in Japan and many other countries, traveling solo is now more accessible than ever.

If you are considering traveling overseas by your lonesome or already a seasoned solo adventurer, take a look at this list of the top 5 tropical itineraries you should be aiming for on your next excursion.

Bali, Indonesia

Starting with one of the most popular Southeast Asian destinations, Bali is always on the list of many vacationers across the globe. Many people view Bali as somewhat of a party destination because of its renowned nightlife that never fails to liven up someone’s life. What most people don’t know is that there is another side to Bali that is great for solo adventurers.

The town of Ubud is a magical place that is hidden among verdant green rice fields surrounded by mist-wrapped mountains. Many solo travelers frequent this town seeking healing, rest, and relaxation because of its extremely down-to-earth and chill atmosphere. Aside from that, there are many establishments that offer health retreats. If you are looking to disconnect for a while and looking to realign your chakras or something of this nature, make sure to keep Ubud in Bali, Indonesia on your list.


If you are a solo adventurer with the heart of a food warrior, then Vietnam is an ideal tropical destination for you. Despite the many other countries that have exceptional cuisine like the Philippines, Thailand, etc., Vietnam is one of those places where the food is deceptively delicious. You may have already tried pho, but in terms of Vietnamese cuisine, pho is just the tip of a huge and delicious iceberg.

What Vietnamese food has to go for it is subtle, yet impactful flavors and a wide range of diverse ingredients. It all culminates in delicious food such as bánhcuốn (steamed rice rolls), bánhmì (sandwich baguettes), or even bun bamboo (beef on rice noodles).

Good food combined with warm and hospitable locals combines for a pleasant experience. When you’re traveling solo, those two things are possibly the only things you will need. Just ask the late Anthony Bourdain who loved to travel to many different countries for the purpose of a gastronomic adventure.


Moving on to Central American tropical destinations, Nicaragua is a seemingly overlooked adventure opportunity. While many people flock to the more popular Costa Rica, Nicaragua is definitely better for the more audacious solo traveler. One good thing about “the land of lakes and volcanoes” is that it is affordable and has a very authentic vibe.

The place to be within Nicaragua is Granada. Thanks to Spanish colonial influence, the architecture, and art scene is widely expressive and beautiful. Aside from that, the country is blessed with natural resources so if you’re looking for a solo nature trip, there are virgin jungles, lake-volcanoes, tropical islands filled with animals, and beaches waiting to be explored, experienced, and enjoyed.


One of the biggest proofs of that is the East African nation of Uganda. While most people are already aware of the supreme biodiversity that the continent offers, Uganda manages to integrate this with many other elements such as beautiful landscapes or even watersports.

Jinja is a town situated in one of the great African lakes, Lake Victoria, which is a great place to start. The lake itself is one of the sources of the famed Nile River. Uganda might be a bit challenging at first, but it is one of those places where one chance is all it takes for you to have an incredible solo traveling experience.


Last but not least, Peru is a tropical destination that boasts an extremely rich history and culture. The western South American country has an abundance of historical sites dating back to the Incan Empire such as the popular ancient city of Machu Picchu that has the temple of the sun and Cusco that is now known for its archaeological sites and Spanish colonial architecture.

Sightseeing in Peru can be the most enjoyable thing to do, but don’t forget about the hospitable people and the rich culture that is manifested in every corner of the country. Peru is a tropical destination you will surely not forget once you’ve visited it.

Key Takeaway With so many beautiful tropical destinations in the world, you really don’t have a shortage of travel options. Traveling solo can be one of the most fulfilling things you will be able to do, so don’t miss any opportunity to do so. Try to bring only the best travel wifi hotspot whether it’s for Japan or any country listed above and always make sure to do enough research and save an ample amount of money to ensure the best possible experience.

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