Time to Prepare Yourself for a Bike Trip in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is regarded as the best place to visit. This mountainous region of North India is worthy to visit. Moreover, this place is also blessed with the holy-river Ganges adds more value to this city. Uttarakhand has always been quite special for Indian people all across the world because of holding spiritual value. This bike trip in Uttarakhand will surely go memorable for you because of various reasons such as amazing places like Corbett National Park, Rishikesh, Kausani and so on. If you are going to have a Uttarakhand bike trip in the coming days, do check this below-mentioned information. 

Uttarakhand Is A Lovely Escape From City Life –

Uttarakhand has always been considered a lovely place to visit for Delhiites when it comes to getting rid of the regular sitting job for a while. Uttarakhand is adjacent to Delhi and that is why it has always been ideal among the bike riders. Uttarakhand is a lovely place to visit because of having several amazing places such as Nainital, Mussorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Almora, Kausani, Pithoragarh, Ranikhet and so on. Being a lovely hill station, it has everything that bike adventurer wants to have to feel amazing and fresh. Most people plan their trip to Uttarakhand because of various reasons such as it is a peaceful place and brings tranquility to your brain. It gives you a break from your ongoing hectic office life. 

What Are The Highlights Of Uttarakhand Trip 2019 – 

Before going on riding, you must know about the Uttarakhand Trip that why you are going to visit this place, what makes this place worthy to enjoy, what is all about its significance and so on. Let us check it out – 

  • Uttarakhand is regarded as the land of God and it worthy to visit. Here, you will experience a kind of amazing positive vibes that you cannot find generally while living in a city.
  • You will get to know more about Hindu pilgrim’s sights that hold great value in Hindu scripture too.
  • To experience the enchanting culture, you can go ahead and feel the sacred valley of the Ganges.
  • You must take a dip into Sacred Ganges to have an amazing experience. 
  • Here, you will also understand the fine line in between ancient and modern India 

These above-mentioned points are enough to add that what makes Uttarakhand a beautiful place to visit and explore.

Make Your Bike Trip ToUttarakhand In Group –

Make sure that you are not going for a bike trip to Uttarakhand all alone. It would do not safe and good. You should go to making a group. You may plan with your friends. You may choose TripMereSaath to get Royal Enfield for Rent having a good condition. You may also check many other bike types in case you want some more than Royal Enfield. Many platforms offer bike trips to Uttarakhand making a group of people. It is a trustworthy platform bringing the best bikes for you. They all are good in condition. 

What You Should Bring With Yourself –

And in this section, we are going to make you have important information. Before getting embarked on a lovely journey, you should carry some important things to make your trip beautiful and free from hassles such as – 

  • Slippers 
  • Lip balm
  • Socks
  • Driver’s license
  • Binoculars 
  • Winter Cap
  • Barack Lava
  • Moisture 
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunglasses 
  • Raingear
  • Earplugs
  • Saddlebags
  • Water Bottles 
  • Safety Gears 
  • Spare Light Bulbs
  • High-quality riding gloves 

What You Should Not Miss In Uttarakhand – 

In this section, we are going to share what you should not miss during your Uttarakhand bike trip. Let us check it out more about it in a discreet manner – 

  • Kafuli 
  • Bhang Ki chutney is considered must-have in Uttarakhand
  • AlooTamatarKaJhol next on the list
  • Phaanu is again must to eat
  • Chainsoo is also an amazing dish to have 
  • AaluGutook 
  • Dubuk
  • Jhangoraki Kheer

These above-mentioned things are extremely delicious and you must not ignore them to have.

How To Reach Uttarakhand –

We are living in the digital era where you can check the bike route to reach Uttarakhand from Delhi. You may understand in a better way following the mentioned map based instruction. You may also start your Uttarakhand Bike Trip following these destinations including –

  • Delhi to Rishikesh 
  • Rishikesh to Chamba
  • Chamba to Chopta
  • Chopta to Kausani
  • Kausani to Munsiyari
  • Munsiyari to Jageshwar Range
  • Jageshwar Range to Nainital
  • Nainital to Delhi

Book your hotel or guesthouse in advance to not come across last minutes hassles while enjoying your Uttarakhand Bike Trip. You will truly enjoy your Uttarakhand bike trip if plan everything before your trip. Keeping all these points in mind will make you have the best experience. 

Conclusion – So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and enjoy your Uttarakhand bike trip getting your favorite bike from TripMereSaath.

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