The Best Day of the Week (and time) to Buy Delta Airlines Reservations

Knowing the best day to buy airline tickets is a basic concept that helps us find cheap flight deals. It is the most important advice, the easiest, and perhaps the most unknown. Here we will tell you which days of the week we will find the cheapest flight prices. Not only that, but at what time is the best time to book flights, when NOT to do it, and how long to find the best offers with the help of Delta Airlines Reservations Official Site.

Which day of the week is best to book your Delta flights?

After reading several articles, investigating (a lot) on the web, and paying attention to our own experience, we decided to look for when it is better to book airline tickets. Many offers come out on Mondays, and if they do not work as the company expects they start to lower prices. Hence, the conclusion is that between Monday and Tuesday is the best day to buy airline tickets.

The best time to book Delta airline tickets

At 3 in the afternoon. So, just like that, at 3 p.m., there is supposed to be a cheaper offer in the market, and it is the best time to buy flights. Logically, it is an approximate time; you can look for them before or after, but always with reference to 3 p.m. (local time).

Easy, right? The Wall Street Journal study investigated 30 airlines, and the conclusion is that at that time, we could save a good chunk when booking airline tickets.

And the advance? With how much time is it better to book flights?

There are several studies, and we wanted to collect them to leave a summary, in a simple way, with how many days in advance it is better to book airline tickets to find the cheapest price and to dial Delta Airlines Reservations. Well, yes, but how much advance do I need? Here we go:

  • For short flights: According to Expedia, the ideal is 57 days, and for Skyscanner, the tool that we usually use from Travel Learning and the one that has given us the best results, is 7 weeks. That is, booking 7 weeks in advance can save you + 10%.
  • For long-haul flights: As we have read in the reports both from the airlines themselves and from the search engines, to get between 10% and 22% savings you have to book flights 21-28 weeks in advance. More or less, between 5 and 7 months!

The best tips for buying cheap flights

Delete computer cookies

Before purchasing a flight, remember to delete the cookies from your computer. If they see that you have been looking for a flight or specific destination, the airlines will chase you over and over again!! As an alternative, you can do it with the search engine in incognito mode; the result is the same.

Price Alerts The price alerts are a blast, really. You can choose a destination country and place of departure and then the more expensive price that you are willing to pay. When you find flights for the dates you choose between the selected destinations at the price you have set, you will receive an alert. Well, that, they warn you, and it works great. This technique is a master flight search engine and allows you to buy airline tickets for a bargain at your complete disposal.

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