TASTE AUSTRALIA: 5 Must-Visit Brisbane Dessert Shops that Steal Everyone’s Heart

You don’t have to worry about saying no to desserts because Brisbane won’t let you get away without a bite!  

The capital of Queensland is home not only to fascinating attractions and abundant histories but also to the most delectable and wowing desserts in Australia. Brisbane surely has the right to brag about its possession of the most sought-after confections in the continent. 

The first time you travel to Brisbane will be extra memorable and sweet when you become a guest of one or more of its beloved dessert stores! And the next time you visit it, you know you still won’t get enough of the bonbons! 

Check out this list of 5 must-visit Brisbane dessert shops that steal everyone’s heart. Well, if you don’t love them (yet), you are just about to find out why you must! Read on, and try not to drool! 

1 – DELLO MANO (Brisbane CBD)

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Want to taste the brownie that Obama had in the 2014 G20 Conference which happened in Brisbane?! You can’t miss this one!

Brisbane is proud to present its well-known artisanal bakery that has always been dedicated to producing the best and only the best brownies in Australia! Located in the notable Tattersall’s Arcade in the CBD, Dello Mano is the name that every Aussie has to be totally familiar with. 

Established in 2006, Dello Mano has always been one of the most wanted and most deluxe dessert stores in Brisbane. Without denial, its premium quality handmade chocolate brownies are quite dearly priced for a worthy reason! The owners of Dello Mano want to share nothing but the top-notch handcrafted luxury brownies, cookies, cakes, nuts, and more! Too sumptuous that you’d want to book your flights to Brisbane again after coming home! 

This Italian business found in an Australian city has absolutely created its own bright spotlight in the dessert scene. Dello Mano and its beautiful collection of brownies and more delights never fail to make eyes wide and hearts flutter. They are all perfect to give as presents and surprises too!

Many of Dello Mano’s previous customers and loyal patrons testify how these luxury brownies are unlike anything else found anywhere else in Australia! When you see and taste its products, you will feel the store’s pure commitment to excellent quality.

2 – HAPPY POPS (South Brisbane)

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Head turners are their treats’ visuals. Never to be forgotten are their tastes. Happy Pops in South Brisbane is nothing like your plain frozen delectables! They offer not just catchy flavors but also arresting looks on the standard gelatos and waffles you know! 

With its main branch in Noosa, Happy Pops in South Brisbane is also opened to serve more gelato-loving folks out there! Its handmade gelato, toothy brownies, and epicure waffles are totally Instagram-worthy! You can’t simply eat them; you really have to take snapshots! It would be a heartbreak to sink your teeth into them, so at least, take a remembrance photo of their allure! 

Happy Pops use sticks instead of cones and cups which boosts the creativity of their ice cream’s appearance. Loads of flavors and punches are there to choose from. All their products are freshly created every day. Their gelato pops are as precious as diamonds to the sight, so gorgeous!   

Some of their gelato flavors include Hazelnut, Choc Swirl, Mint Choc Chip, Nutella Cookies and Cream, and the Fruit Pavlova. What’s most exciting for guests of all ages is the chance to design and personalize their own gelato pop inside the store. Toppings, sauces, and other add-ons are numerous! Kids and kids-at-heart will fall in love in Happy Pops! No doubt, happiness can be on sticks! 


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Nobody merely talks about desserts without mentioning doughnuts.  

Donut Boyz makes sure that every handmade donut is freshly baked only with the finest baking ingredients topped with great desire to bring out the best in this childhood gem. 

With branches located in Ipswich, Westfield Garden City, and Maroochydore, Donut Boyz is doing its best to turn every doughnut into a masterpiece. Some of their flavors are Lemon Meringue, Toffee Apple, Rocky Road, Cinnamon, Lamington, and Mini Nutella Balls. They have limited edition donuts depending on local events! Their eye-candy products include milkshakes with donuts on top and the famous donuts with shots! 

If you are neither yet a superfan of filling-filled donuts nor an admirer of cronuts, trying out Donut Boyz is your conversion time! Their pastries are irresistible! They go for the classic childhood fave vibe while clothed in something everyone can relate to or remember something from. Besides yum-yum tastes, Donut Boyz value customer experience! 


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Going straight to the point of who it is and what it generally serves, the New Farm Confectionery is just as its name says. It is a high-quality dessert hub located in New Farm, Brisbane. 

Whether you are looking for personal goodies to snarf or for tidbits to give as gifts, New Farm Confectionery can conclude your search! Day by day, the staff works hard with love to produce relentless chunks of chocolate bark, layers of marshmallow, heaps of honeycomb, endless portions of nougat and so much more!

New Farm Confectionery’s handwrought honeycomb is a chief must-try in Brisbane! They have it in the original form and in milk chocolate and dark chocolate as well. Other sweets include macadamia brittles, lime and coconut brittles, gingerbread caramel popcorn, chai caramel, mixed fruits coated with milk chocolate, dark chocolate peppermint creams, and many more. 

The menu is so long, and other treats are pretzels, ice cream toppers and sherbets, and lollipops. The good news for health-conscious eaters is the gluten-free ingredients that come with some of New Farm Confectionery’s sweeties! 

5 – FLOUR & CHOCOLATE (Morningside)

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How do you talk about desserts without talking about chocolates? You don’t.

Producing fresh, handwrought confectioneries daily is Flour & Chocolate in Morningside. Amazingly, it is the first place in Brisbane where a “cronut” was sold. 

Bread in Flour & Chocolate is made with care and sophistication. The time-honored sourdoughs are expertly fermented and created with flour, water, and salt only. Except for cheese, no other dairy yeasts are incorporated. Its brioche rolls and artisan bread are heavy and tender. 

Fruit tarts, caramel, and walnut tarts, and lemon meringue tarts belong to their diversely sized family of tarts. Eclairs, puddings, profiteroles, roulade, brownies, donuts, vanilla slices, and blondies are deluxe treats. Croissants, palmier, and danish are extra high-class in Flour & Chocolate.

Bar cakes, cupcakes, traditional cakes, and wedding-special cakes are available too. Of course, you can’t leave out Flour & Chocolate’s chocolate cakes including the Flourless Chocolate Raspberry & Hazelnut, Turkish Delight, Raspberry Velvet, and more! 



Being able to experience Brisbane, Australia is such a wonderful blessing for every tourist and is an honorable treasure for every local. Not only can you witness the spectacle from its sceneries but you also can taste wonders from its desserts. 

Who says the afters of a full meal should just be underestimated? Brisbane makes sure you don’t forget the flavors of its delicacies after you take a munch on them.

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