Reasons why everyone should celebrate Halloween Day

Not everyone loves celebrations. However, Halloween is the right event to celebrate. There are great excuses to celebrate this event. From being a worldwide popular event to eating the best food items, there is a lot that can be done during the event.

Despite the popularity and the fun this event offers, a lot of people do not celebrate the event. Here are some compelling reasons why everyone should celebrate Halloween Day:

  1. Be someone else

Each person has a desire to be another person at some point in time. Halloween Day gives you an opportunity to do this. If you want to spend your day being a fairy princess, cowboy, or a favorite movie character, then dress up like it. You can change your career, personality, and gender as well. From being a childhood role model and completing your inner desires, there is a lot that you can do during Halloween.

  • Death personification

Death personification is another compelling reason you would want to celebrate Halloween Day. Death is scary and it can happen to anyone at any time. Death is an end to life which is why it scares a lot of people. Halloween Day provides you a solid opportunity to turn death into a character. If you want to personify death, then this is the right occasion to do so. You can make death into a scary monster that can be fought with. Halloween is the time when you can actually challenge death.

  • It is a tradition

This is perhaps the simplest and most common reason why people celebrate Halloween and why you should be part of it as well. Imagine the connection you can make with your ancestors by celebrating Halloween. It will enable you to connect with them. Halloween is a tradition that was celebrated by many families in the past. You can maintain the bond by doing the same.

  • An excuse to eat junk

If you only eat junk food on occasions, then nothing can be better than Halloween. Make sure you eat different cuisines and enjoy junk as much as possible during Halloween. From roasted apples to a wide range of candies, you get an excuse to eat a wide range of junkies during Halloween. You can even share the food with your friends and family and multiply your happiness several notches.

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