Reasons to travel India to celebrate Happy Diwali

Diwali is an occasion when you can reunite with friends and family and cherish the times spent together. It is not only a cultural and religious celebration but holds historic importance and significance. Having said that, a lot of people want to celebrate Diwali in the most enjoyable manner.

India is one of those places where you can make the most out of Happy Diwali 2019. It is a place of different cultures, traditions, and heritage. This makes it an ideal place to enjoy occasions. Nevertheless, here are the reasons why you should travel to India to celebrate Diwali:

  1. Celebration of good over evil

There are many reasons why Diwali is celebrated. However, the most important one is that it was the time when the good triumphed over evil. It is celebrated as the personification over evil. India is a place where you would find a lot of people making resolutions to defeat the evil and begin with good beliefs. People get merrier during this time and the hospitality of the state even gets better.

  • Festive clothing

If you want to admire the most festive clothing throughout the world, then India is the place you should visit during Diwali. Clothing is a reflection of excitement and vibrancy. People purchase new clothes during the season and set them up properly. Intricately woven clothes are worn by men and women as a symbol of celebration. You will come across all the vibrant colors and shades that will be really easy on your eye.

  • Enjoy the mouth-watering food

If you are a food lover, then Diwali is the right time to visit India. You will get the opportunity to eat food that you might not have tried ever in your lifetime. Every festival is incomplete without delicious cuisines. All across India, you will find different savories and sweets. Kheel Natasha is the most famous sweet on the streets of Delhi. Conventional Gujjyas are something that you must try. There is a lot that you will try during Diwali.

  • Enjoy the lights and firecrackers

New Year is one of the times when you will witness the best lights and fireworks throughout the world. However, India holds the privilege to host these fireworks again during Diwali. You will witness the colorful insights and firecrackers. These items are used extensively in India. A wide range of fireworks can be seen throughout day and night during the Diwali season. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons to visit India during this occasion.

  • Witness the diversity in celebrations

India is a multi-ethnic country that is one of the most diverse places on earth. This is why Diwali is celebrated in a different way throughout India. It would vary according to the region you go into. If you enter Amritsar, you will find a different culture. On the other hand, festivities in Varanasi are a bit different. If you are fond of exploring cultures, then visit India in Diwali.

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