Places That Prince William Kate Middleton Visit in Pakistan

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William Pakistan tour:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Pakistan on the 14th of October, they have planned a five-day tour which ends on Friday, the 18th of October. Pakistan has taken increased measures for the security of the royal couple but the question still remains, where is Prince William and Kate Middleton tour going in Pakistan?

On the 16th of October, their plan entailed visiting Lahore, one of the most historically significant cities in Pakistan. Kensington Palace isn’t releasing forward notice of their schedule in Pakistan because of political pressures and security worries in the locale. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip, in line with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, comes during uplifted strains among Pakistan and India over the disputed region of Kashmir.

Pakistan has seen various security instances as of late, including a bombing outside a shrine in central Lahore, and an assault by armed activists on the Pearl Continental Hotel in Gwadar, Balochistan. In light of security concerns, the couple’s schedule won’t be declared and details of their visits will be allowed on a step by step premise.

Additionally, they will constantly be surveyed and protected by 1,000 cops during their five-day visit. In their declaration of the current week’s trip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said their visit will spread over 1,000km of the nation which they would like to explore.

This will incorporate the capital of Islamabad, the city of Lahore, the rugged wide open in the north and outskirt districts toward the west.

  • When did this start?

Their visit is the first official one to be made by the royal family since Prince Charles and Camilla visited back in 2006. The visit included visiting the Model College for Girls, an administration is running a school for underprivileged four to 18-year olds.

Later on, the visit stretched towards the Margalla Hills National Park located at the lower regions of the Himalayas, Kate and William met children from three different schools. Wardens showed them round the 12, 605-hectare national park on the second day of their royal tour.

The school’s administration gave them a tour around the 12, 605-hectare national park on the second day of their illustrious visit. This was followed by a visit to the Presidential Palace for an official commitment with President Arif Alvi, before eating with Mr. Imran Khan at his official living arrangement in Islamabad.

The day concluded with a special reception hosted by the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, where the duke made a speech.

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