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Pakistan Tour with Friends

Muhammad Saood

Muhammad Waqas

Umer Farooq

Bilal Shareef

Farhad Khalid


Awais Ahmed

Waqas Waris

Ousaaf Ali

We nine people going for Pak tour from Hyderabad to Lahore, all preparations are ready now just waiting for train, shoes, beg, shirt, T-shirt everything is prepared. First, from Lahore we should have gone to Maansera then we stay there, and next day we should go to Naran and then Raikoot.

So from there, we hire a jeep, and after the drive of two hours, we reach Totto. After Totto we tracking for the free Meadows, tracks will at least 4 to 5 hours, the way will also danger, from the road to jungle we should safely reach to free Meadows, if their hotel is not available then we will stay in our camping in free Meadows. Next day early morning we chore for Basecamp then we should return to free Meadows again. After the stay of one day we should return to Raikoot, and from there we travel to Desai. The travel of Desai is at least 4 to 5 hours. So then we stay there at night. Next day we should go to Skardu. We should reach there at night and then we should take dinner and then sleep. Next day we get up early in the morning and then we should go out to see Skardu. To see all the points we should take at least ten days. If we have time and also money then we should also travel to Hunza otherwise we will return Lahore. At the date of 13 July, we will catch the train at 5 pm named Karachi Express and next day we will return home.

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