NSW VISUALS: 4 Spectacular Places to Visit in the Central Coast

The world’s beauty is too mesmerizing to miss. The blessed heart of the Central Coast in New South Wales makes sure nobody skips it. 

On your jam packed travel bucket list, never forget to include this fantastic favorite travel destination for excited tourists and proud locals! Explaining the Central Coast’s grace, words will not suffice! It’s just so astounding and breath-taking. 

There are loads of fun stuff to do in the Central Coast! A month will not be enough to explore everything it has to offer. The places you can visit are numerous, but whatever you choose to tick off your travel targets, make sure to enjoy! 

What you should expect from the Central Coast is that the visuals are stunning! Jaw-dropping looks from restaurants, sceneries, parks and many more are easy to spot. Now, here’s a list of some of these astonishing Central Coast sites! Plus, you will get a glimpse of what it’s like to be there!  


A place that will prove even more the staggering glamor of the land and water combination, The Skillion in Terrigal is super popular! Once you see it yourself, you will know why!

Terrigal itself is the Central Coast’s most famous holiday destination. You will see how The Skillion is a distinctly shaped headland that immediately catches anyone’s attention. Walking up through the fine grassy slope, you will reach the top and be welcomed by the stupendous sights along the Pacific Ocean. Indubitably, The Skillion is a renowned landmark which makes everyone who visits Australia visit it! 

How high is it above sea level? Around 100 to 150 meters! Surely, the panoramic sceneries will make you want to stare at them for the rest of your life. It might be quite high and hilly, however, the goal up there is worth it! But hey, some people who experienced The Skillion say that it’s not as hard to reach as it seems. You may expect to be gasping on your way to the peak, but it’s actually refreshing and relaxing! 

Of course, The Skillion, being a highly visited Central Coast location, is kept safe. The walk is made pleasant with a paved boardwalk. Stairs can make hesitant tourists decide to really go for it! Meanwhile, if you are more adventurous and you certainly don’t want to miss a rare opportunity in such a remarkable land, just walk up the cliff! It will be short, especially if you just enjoy the time and release your stresses! Perfect for fitness lovers too.

The summit is the viewing ground where guests also delight in watching whales! A marvelous 360-degree view on The Skillion will be so unforgettable. Your eyes will be fed with fascinating beaches and coastlines seen from that point! You will fall in love with the awe-inspiring creation. The walk to reach it is rejuvenating, then the surprise from up there is priceless! Just wowing even by imagining it!

The Skillion is a must-visit place on the Central Coast. Your phone might run out of storage space because of AGH! YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT TOO MUCH! Snapshots are not to be forgotten!  

Just in case you do not have the guts to climb up the incline, you can still experience the place awesomely! You can roam around and among the rocks at the bottom for a while. It’s still pleasing and entertaining! Just be careful and watch out for slippery rocks and shells. Speaking of shells, you will find a lot of them there! Take some photos, and if you want, ask the management of the place if bringing home some is allowed as a remembrance too. 


A trip to the Central Coast without coffee? Don’t think of it. 

Situated in the charming and antiquated Chapman Building, Glee Coffee Roasters makes sure you never forget its taste and style. It is well-loved for its art of coffee and its love for people. It provides one of the best coffee tourists and locals could taste in the Central Coast. 

Glee Coffee Roasters knows how coffee is a significant part of people’s daily lives. Regardless if you are working, traveling, or simply living your life there, coffee is something well-liked. That is why Glee Coffee Roasters has made its spot a safe and satisfactory haven to all things coffee.

It has a pretty menu with a wide range of selections! From hot beverages to cold brews, you will adore Glee Coffee Roasters’ creations! With extreme care, the crew knows how to tickle those taste buds while making sure you get immersed in its peaceful atmosphere and fine-looking visuals!

Travelers staying in nearby Central Coast accommodation can pop in a visit, and you will truly be gleeful. 


For some pacifying and restoring adventures, the Somersby Falls in the Central Coast know what you need! And, it can give you more than you ask for!

A hidden jewel, Somersby Falls draw genuine smiles on both locals’ expressions and travelers’ faces! Undeniably, the huge rocks matched with the running waters are amazing. There’s something therapeutic in just seeing them. How much more when you experience the place!

Somersby Falls belong to the Brisbane Water National Park’s area. It is unmistakably ideal for large groups and family bondings! The swimming lagoons are very clean and nice. They are too cool to be missed for your Instagram-worthy shots! Of course, outings such as in the Somersby Falls are not complete without picnics and barbecue parties! Convenience is available because there are designated platforms for them! 

If you are game for a healthy time, walking trails within Somersby Falls are accessible too. And worry nothing because whatever level you want to go with, they have it! It’s going to be invigorating, especially because of the flourishing rainforest embracing you.

Wildlife is also present in such a green place! You will hear birds chirping and probably meet some brush turkeys too!

Somersby Falls have the top and the bottom falls sections. Really dazzling how they’re real! Summers in the Central Coast is much better when spent in Somersby Falls! Because of all the tall trees covering it, you can enjoy the vitalizing waters without being bothered by too much sunlight! 

Remember that it’s free to enter the falls! Just prepare fees for parking spaces. Safety is a top priority. Watch every step, and supervise kids. The place is vast, so see to it nobody gets lost along the way. The aquatic surroundings can be unanticipated, so being careful while enjoying is a big obligation as you visit Somersby Falls. 


It can get really crowded, especially on weekends, so get up and go early! The Norah Head Lighthouse is a well-known Central Coast destination!

If there’s something your Central Coast Instagram posts cannot miss, it’s this lighthouse Coasties are talking about! Established in 1903, the Norah Head Lighthouse still takes pride in the constantly matchless sights across the gleaming waters of the Central Coast! It’s been decades since it was built, yet the speechlessness of all who see it in person is still the same! Or even beyond it! It’s just superb! 

What’s unbelievable is that the Norah Head Lighthouse has stood technologically unaltered except for the electric light installed on it. History got so much more to say!  

Visitors and soon-to-be guests like you can fancy the night in the old lighthouse keepers’ quarters! You can revel in a guided building tour as well. You will learn about this historic lighthouse’s past, present, and future plans without having to spend expensive charges! 

A trip to it is one of the most unregretful date choices you will make — with your friends, your spouse, or your family! Young ones and young-at-heart got no escape from the grandeur of the lighthouse!

Imagine taking a photo of the sunset from the Norah Head Lighthouse! That’s supreme!



Absolutely, when it comes to impeccable marvels, the Central Coast can’t come at the end of the list! You will really enjoy the time spent with your loved ones or with yourself! The region itself is entertaining because of the activities you can do there. What’s more, the visuals are so spectacular, you will thank the Creator for such a gorgeous Central Coast.


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