Meetings Which Prince William Kate Middleton Hold in Pakistan
  • Overview

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are midway through their five days visit of Pakistan which is the first royal visit since 2006. The visit was followed by a request which was made by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The visit is expected to span over a thousand kilometers covering the region of Pakistan. The trip further includes looking at different sorts of programs which help to empower the younger generation and to help the different organization to ensure these young people receive the best possible start in life. The trip will also include the empowerment of young women to ensure they reach the very best of their respective capabilities.

  • Interaction with the locals

The Duke and Duchess also look forward to listening to the new ideas of the younger Pakistanis to ensure the best possible results are achieved. The couple is also open to learning more about the challenges and opportunities of the past as well as the present along with taking an approach towards understanding how the nation will be coping up with the increasing climate changes currently being faced globally.

Prince William and Kate Middleton tourism seen as an attempt to blend in with the locale of Pakistan as they have been seen embracing the local dresses and with their continued emphasis on education for the youth. The idea behind strong education is important as Pakistan is a relatively very young country which has seen more than its fair share of hardships over the years and education plays a very important role in making the first step towards recovery.

The visits have currently taken them to schools, particularly the Model College for Girls in Islamabad, meetings with the president, Arif Alvi, and Prime Minister Imran Khan. The royal couple is seen putting in the effort to continue great relations between the two countries and hope for mutual prosperous growth.

  • Visit Critical for future ties

The Royal website says the couple has asked that this visit enable them chances to meet however many Pakistanis as could be expected under the circumstances, including kids and youngsters, pioneers from government, business and the charity sector, inspiring conservationists, and well-known cultural figures and sporting stars. However, the website does admit that this is the most unpredictable visit attempted by the Duke and Duchess to date, given the calculated and security considerations. Pakistan has one of Britain’s biggest abroad systems, with the British High Commission in Islamabad being one of the UK’s largest diplomatic missions in the world. The couple said they are anticipating building an enduring kinship with the individuals of Pakistan.

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