Inside And Out About Rajasthan – Beginners’ Guide

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan, you are planning a vacation with a spectrum of colors, chaos, contrast and an exceptional cuisine. The place is always in the mood for a parade and a festival environment. Think of Rajasthan and you would always imagine canvas of turbans. However, the land is quite a lot more than just turbans and camels. Here is the beginner guide for those who are planning to visit Rajasthan.

Weather of Rajasthan

The summer starts in April and ends in June. The climate is very dry and extremely hot during this season. Temperature can go as high as 49 degree C. The nights of summer see the average low at 20 degree C.

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan during summer, choose destinations like Mount Abu, Udaipur and others.

Rain starts in July and ends in September. The regions near Aravalli ranges will receive a considerable amount of rain. However, in most of the regions, the rainfall is quite low.

By December, the winter gets its hand on Rajasthan. The temperature can go as low as -2 degree C during night. Morning temperature will be pleasing and it is the best time to visit Rajasthan for tourism.

Clothing for Rajasthan

Rajasthan is quite hot and humid. This is why many tourists make the mistake of packing tank tops and shorts. Wearing lesser cloth will not save your from the scorching sun. Keep your skin covered with light cotton clothing. White and mild colors are preferred.

Do not bring sandals or crocks with you. Go with fully covering shoes and thin socks. Hat, sunscreen, moisturizing cream and sunglasses are very essential, no matter when you are visiting.

Exotic Activities To Enjoy In Rajasthan

Just like any other Indian destination, Rajasthan is quite famous for sightseeing, photography, exploring the region, tasting the cuisine and so on.

However, if you are looking for exotic activities, try out jeep safari and elephant safari in Jaipur, desert adventure activities in Jaisalmer, horse riding along Aravali ranges, belly dance, fire dance, puppet shows, desert camping, camel safari and so on.

Travelling to Rajasthan

The state is quite famous throughout the country. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and Bikaner of Rajasthan have airports. However, international tourists prefer to enter India via Delhi or Mumbai and find connecting flights to any of the above said Rajasthan airports. From almost all major states of the country, you will find frequent trains, buses and private cabs.

Travelling within Rajasthan

Every city holds good public transportations. You can hire jeeps for exploration too. There are luxury buses that travel around Rajasthan. If you want to explore Rajasthan in the most luxurious way, choose Palace on Wheels Luxury Train, Here you can check the facility/services of Palace on Wheel train.

Souvenirs of Rajasthan

Each city of Rajasthan has a unique list of souvenirs. Top items to buy in Rajasthan are

  1. Camel skin articles, camel bone articles and camel hair articles
  2. Delicacies made with camel milk
  3. Puppets and wooden items
  4. Carved trinkets, meenakari jewels, kundan jewels, silver articles and others
  5. Traditional Rajasthan miniature painting
  6. Wool carpets
  7. Blue pottery
  8. Metal works
  9. Spices
  10. Jute articles, fabrics, accessories and others.

There is a lot more to Rajasthan than these. Explore the land of kings to enjoy the culture, heritage, nature and beauty of the land via choosing Best India tour packages.

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