How you can celebrate Halloween Day at home?

Halloween is the time of the year when the shopping trolleys are filled, people are dressed up and pumpkins become the best seller in the town. Halloween Day 31st October 2019 can be highly interesting and exciting if done in the right manner.

A lot of people celebrate Halloween Day drinking and dancing in the clubs. However, there are a lot of other families that want to celebrate the event being sober. Here is how you can celebrate this occasion being at the home only:

  1. Hosting an outdoor scary movie

Setting up an outdoor cinema at your house is one of the best things that can be done during Halloween. You can choose a movie which is most suitable for the audience that will attend. If you want the movie to be appropriate for the kids, then the Witches and Hocus Pocus can be the right one. However, you should ensure whether the movie is recommended for 18 and over. There are several classics to go for and make the most of the event.

  • Set a ghost train the hallway

This is one of the things that a lot of people are not aware about. Why don’t you set a ghost train in the hallway? If you really want a good train experience, then darkness is compulsory. You can make it more fun by the flashy lights, haunting sounds, creepy crawlies, and creepy creatures. If you don’t have a hallway, then set up the entire train in one of the rooms.

  • Costume party in the house

This is a common way to celebrate Halloween Day. Halloween is already known for the costume parties being held throughout the city. However, if you want to remain sober, then conduct a party at your house. Get your family involved wearing costumes. Set a theme for the entire family. Pets can be involved as well. The right mini-skeleton can be arranged in the garden as well. A costume party is one of the most desired ways to celebrate Halloween.

  • Bobbing for apples

Bobbing for apples is another popular game that is played during Halloween. You just have to thread string through the apples and tie them to a washing line. Then bite the apples with your hands tied behind the back. This game is played throughout the world during Halloween. If you want to be traditional, then this is the way to go for.

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