Highlights of Chitwan Jungle Safari 2022


Chitwan National Park which is located in Chitwan is the first National park of Nepal which was established in 1973. Chitwan National Park is covered with deciduous forests and with the Narayani and Rapti rivers. This national park was listed in the UNESCO world heritage site in 1984. It is located in the inner Terai lowland in south-central Nepal covering an area of 932 sq km. The most popular destination in Nepal for tourists is Chitwan National Park.

One of the most popular activities to do in Nepal is the Chitwan Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park. With home to more than 500 Asian one-horned rhinoceros and Bengal tigers, 600 plant species, 50 mammals, 526 birds, and 49 amphibians and reptiles this National park is filled with wildlife and vegetation. Thousands of tourists visit this National Park throughout the year to have a jungle safari. Jungle safari can be done in an elephant and a jeep both. But mainly elephants are preferred as best.

Exploration of Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park which is also the heart of the jungle in Nepal is filled with the majestic land which is of Chitwan jungle safari. This National Park is mainly Best known for its vast flora and fauna. As it is located in the central-south region of Nepal it is about 150 km far away from the capital Kathmandu. Chitwan National Park is deeply rich in its ecosystem as many species of birds and animals are living here. Chitwan is famous for its jungle safari which provides a closer look at the wild encounters with a great tour. The tour of Chitwan National Park can be finished on an affordable budget and with time constraints.

Visit Tharu village

After planning to have a jungle safari at Chitwan National Park, we should not forget about the Tharu village. It is one of the things which shouldn’t be missed while staying in Chitwan National Park. Majestic Thau culture is popular all over the country. They have a different kind of culture which is impressively rich and spectacular. Tharu dances and songs are awesome things to be experience in life. Their famous stick dance is on the top of the list and they have regular nightly performances at the Sauraha Tharu Culture House and on the Thau culture program.

Elephant Safari

The main thing for which many tourists travel to have is a jungle safari. Mainly elephant safari is done because it is the best way to spot wildlife from a closer. Doing a safari of a jungle by sitting on top of an elephant is a really remarkable thing to do. From elephants, tourists can witness the wildlife at up to a meter’s distance. Condiment encounters of animals and birds and among them Rhino, pheasant, cuckoo, deer, porcupines, boar, and monkeys are the regular sights at Chitwan National Park.

Visit Elephant breeding center

Another attraction of Chitwan National Park is the elephant breeding center which is located about an an-hour walk from Sauraha. With an intention of increasing the elephant population in Chitwan National Park, this area was established in 1985. It has attracted many tourists to Chitwan National Park. Around the world, it is one of the 2 elephant breeding centers. Witnessing the intimacy between mother and baby elephants is an amazing thing to be experienced.

Jeep safari

Jeep safari is also one of the best ways to have a jungle safari at Chitwan National Park. Visitors can explore the rare flora and fauna in a natural state in a shift way. As this is the famous safari in the National Park area, a full day and half-day safari can be done here as per the guest’s requests.

Canoe ride

Another exciting adventure to be done in Chitwan National Park is to have a Canoe ride. This is an amazing ride for tourists who get to ride along the Rapti river and have a closer look at wild animals mainly the crocodiles. With a professional Naturalist guide, it will be easy to get the information, at Canoe ride you will see the Marsha Mugger and Gharial Crocodiles, snouts, and others. During the trip, many species of birds, fishes, reptiles, and other wetland species can be seen.



Chitwan National Park is the best destination to visit and for safari. It would be like a safari in Africa. This is just a small showcase of Chitwan National Park. Many more things are to be done on the journey. Chitwan National Park is one of the perfect destinations for a family tour. Moreover, this safari tour provides you with a stupefying closer look at wildlife and Tharu culture and tradition.

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