Despite everything that is going on in Kashmir, there is no denying that it one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and should definitely be on your bucket list. Not only does it offer everyone its breathtaking scenic beauty, but there is actually a lot more you can do in terms of activities which is what makes Kashmir a tourist place.


Kashmir is extremely abundant in history and culture, and they make sure to display this with the number of festivals that take place all year round that celebrate all the diversity in the country.


If you are someone who has a love for sports, then you will be most delighted to hear about all the things you can do in Kashmir. There is trekking, skiing, fishing and so much more.

Sightseeing Apart from all the greenery and wildlife that you will come across your trip in Kashmir, you will also notice all the beautiful temples, mosques and monasteries that will be a sight for sore eyes. All these establishments will make you realize how the Kashmiris are such harmonious people who have so much to show to the world.

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