Five Haunted Destinations for Halloween Travel

October 31st is the day that is celebrated as “Halloween” also known as ‘the eve of All Saints’, all over Europe, particularly Great Britain, France and Germany and the United States of America.

It is understood as the day of Ghosts or spirits of Dead people of the past, come to earth to visit their living time places. It is believed that these spirits may do good or bad depending upon the attitude of the welcoming living being of today. History dates back to 43 A.D. when Romans occupied the Celtic territories in Europe. Celebration of warding off of Spirits and Ghosts originated in the Celtic festival of “Samhain” wherein people would put on horrifying costumes and lit Bonfires.

There are hundreds of Haunted Places world over to visit. Below are five of the best selected as the ‘most haunted’ Destinations.

  • The Whaley House in San Diego

This superb house was built by the Whaley family in 1856, was also a business theater. Now, it is a landmark of historic importance in the state of California, USA. It is a must-visit place for people who believe in Ghosts. It is believed that Whaley’s family members used to hear the steps of a person Known as ‘Yankee Jim” who was hanged to death on this piece of land where the Whaley house was built later. Many people have been a witness of seeing ghosts in this property. Whaley’s house was turned into a museum afterward.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary USA

This prison was a very expensive building of that time because of its sprawled and unique design. It Was opened in 1829 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  but in the year 1940, the officers working in the penitentiary reported –for the first time-  the presence of Ghost. Since then, Tourists and historians from the world over are continuously visiting this 11 – acre giant and unique construction. This frightening building is also known as ‘Terror Behind the Walls’ a

 theme that is given to attract visitors, interesting in Ghost-watching. The prison was closed in 1971.

  • The Village ‘Pluckley’ in the Kent county near Ashford, Great Britain

It is the most haunted place in the whole of England. This village is a very scenic place but full of spooky tales. Because of Ghost stories, this village has great charm for those who have inclination or belief in ghosts and spirits.

The very famous ghost Lore that everyone in the area to talk about is of an old lady who shows herself in the mist near Pinnock Bridge. The story says that she died of fire accidentally after sleeping. Another famous horrifying story is of a Carriage and horse that appears suddenly on the local road. Another famous Ghost story is of the sound of a screaming person who died while working in the brick-making factory.

  • Beelitz-Heilstatten, Berlin

It was a home sanatorium (from 1898 to 1930) for patients suffering from severe lung diseases such as ‘Tuberculosis’. The whole area consists of 60 buildings visited very frequently by visitors of haunted places seekers in Germany. The abnormal stories of ghosts’ presence are from the tunnel that connects different buildings.

  •  Mortimer Abbey, France

It is well known highly haunted Abbey in France that is visited by thousands of ‘ghost-seekers’ every year. This Monastery was built in the year 1134 in the town of Lisors near Rouen. Like other haunted destinations of world repute, this place is also well known as the top ‘Ghost Station’ in France. The circulated main story is of Matilda of England who remained in a closed room for five years. She was detained-in by her father Henry I of England. People say that her ghost has kept visiting the Abbey since then. People who have seen her ghost have named her “White Lady”.

Although, For further information and Halloween travel ideas there is a lot of more information on the internet.

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