China border Pakistan

The adventure is pretty smooth, and it best requires a little training but, due to the strict measures imposed by the Chinese government, you will need an additional dose of endurance.

The ride to the Chinese border takes approximately three hours. You’ll pressure appropriately thru the massive totalitarian gate, so don’t assume to take any photographs for the scrapbook there.

The border crossing constructing is a kilometer or so far from the massive gate. Once there, it can take several hours earlier than you go away. All baggage may be rechecked, this time extra thoroughly. You’ll also be positioned in an X-ray gadget… so don’t try to smuggle something up your butt.

If you have any touchy photographs or materials for your cell phone or pc, make sure to hide them ahead of time. Though the guards simplest checked our cellular phone files, others in our birthday party had to reveal all the pictures on their laptop, and we’ve heard horror testimonies of guards going via every. Save yourself a while and disguise files.

The Pakistan border with China is closed at the weekend – Plan your journey as a consequence.

It is likewise closed in coolness – From November to March, Khunjerab skip is blanketed by using snow. Therefore the border remains shut. There is no current opening or staying dates because it depends on the climate.

Upload any troubling pictures into the Cloud – By disturbing, I mean any photograph or record which may offend the Chinese authorities, along with pornography and pix of you with guns. Note: If you tour in Pakistan, you may undoubtedly have images with firearms. The Chinese will undergo undoubtedly all of your snapshots and files. They took my laptop for half of an hour and checked all my DSLR and iPhone pics, one by one. I heard the tale of one person who became found to have an image of some Chinese navy stuff, and they reset his digital camera, deleting all his pix. If you may add them to the Cloud, hide them nicely on your computer.

Smoke all of your Pakistani cannabis before getting on the bus – the Chinese government has zero tolerance to drugs. If you get stuck, you are screwed. At the Chinese border, sniffer puppies will scent your stuff and property thoroughly. Finish your hash in Post.

Keep Pakistani rupees with you – The Street from Post to the Chinese border is going thru Khunjerab National Park. At the doorway, foreigners are pressured to pay an 800PKR fee ($7.50), and you couldn’t escape it. I know, it’s a whole scam because, all through the journey, you can’t even get out of the auto.

Bring Chinese Yuan – In Tashgurkan, which is the primary city after the Chinese border, you couldn’t exchange cash. I appeared and requested everywhere however they advised me that you couldn’t do it anymore. There are some ATMs but, if you don’t have a credit score card, you ought to trade your Pakistani Rupees in Post. Please observe that, in Post, you can most straightforward change Pakistani Rupees to Chinese Yuan (and vice-versa). If you have every other foreign money, you will need to alternate it in Karimabad or Aliabad.

Bring plenty of snacks and water – Khunjerab Pass is placed at four, six hundred meters above sea stage. This manner that you may get altitude sickness at the same time as looking ahead to countless hours on the Chinese immigration. Furthermore, you may purchase anything in the course of your journey and, crossing from Pakistan to China can without problems take into ten hours. Hunza is famous for its dried culmination, especially apricots, which you can buy throughout the valley.

Can I move it independently / using myself? –

No, you couldn’t. On the Chinese aspect, you need to be followed through a Chinese guide, which seems to be quite expensive.

Travel insurance – For China, I endorse World Nomads. However, World Nomads doesn’t cover specific regions of Pakistan.

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