Best Vacation in India, Trip with Wildlife Tour Packages

I am a traveler and amidst all the features of packages offered, my primary focus has always been the comfortable stay, personal safety and the professional and knowledgeable staff that makes the proposed tour the best vacation.

I squeezed the conclusion from all the experience I gathered from my last  6 years travel diaries, that if you are also the one looking for comfort, luxury, enlightenment, safety, adventure, romantic escapade as a solo traveler or traveling in a small group or large group, Best vacation in India is Trip with wildlife tour packages.

During the journey, I communicate a  lot with fellow travelers and amuse myself with their experience. In this quest of learning, I made friends with wanderlust coming from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East. I have incorporated their reviews in my above-said conclusion.

Why Wildlife Tours in India only?

India is a peninsular land with a tropical climate. The geographical features make India the appropriate land for many flora and fauna to breed and grow on this island. With more than 80,000 species of animals, birds, reptiles and 47,000 varieties of plants and trees, the entire nation is a zoological and botanical garden.

With more than 100 national parks in 29 divided territories, every region is rich in flora and fauna. There are many more factors that make India the most viable destination for wildlife tours in India.

Varied Wildlife Tour Packages

With 100 national parks and 51 Tiger reserve, more than 1 % of the total area of India preserve the flora and fauna in the most natural way. The weather, the water, the air attracts a lot of migrating birds to this nation, year around. Tiger, Bengal tiger, grey langurs,  Indian bison, sloth, peacock, elephant, sambar deer, mouse deer, Blackbuck  elephants, hyenas, monkeys, Leopard, Chital, striped hyena, Indian fox, golden jackal,red-headed vulture,  hare, gerbil, field mice, mongoose  jungle cat, Indian giant squirrel, gaur, leopard,, honey Lizard, and hedgehog are few commonly found wildlife in the jungles of India.

Cheap Wildlife Tour Packages

When the forest is naturally developed and the natives take immense pleasure in serving this wildlife, the cost of maintenance naturally is least in this country, hence the fee paid to visit these parks is very nominal. The government of India also promotes tourism through these wildlife parks, hence lots of aid is also given to the forest department at free of cost to take care of inhabitants. The cost of a wildlife tour in India is very cheap as compared to trips in Africa, Australia or the rest of the world.

Safest Trip to Wildlife.

You can be this close to the royal beast!!!

The wildlife trips are well organized by the tour operators, forest department and local guides. Every nook of the jungle is under their surveillance and even the activity of animals is also on their radar. But the emphasis of parks in India is to develop in the most natural way as possible hence with a little care and precaution you can enjoy the safest wildlife trip to India.

Luxurious Stay during the Vacation

The best national parks and Tiger reserve like Ranthambore National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Jim Corbett national park see more than 10000 visitors every year. With such traffic coming down every year a large number of luxurious resorts have been built nearby forest to attract more and more tourists. These resorts are the perfect place to enjoy the evening with family, friends and even with your loved ones. Such comfortable stays have also encouraged many senior citizens to plan such trips.

Best Guides and Drivers

The guides and drivers operating in these parks are the native people who are not only well trained but are also inherited with the acumen and agility from their forefathers who had been the guides and drivers assisting the royal families during hunting. You will be amazed by their innovative and natural skill set of scouring the wildlife in such a vast jungle. When you are assisted with such a skillful bunch of people, you are more secured and have a high probability of spotting the wildlife.

Get Extra on Every Package

The perfect lounge!

The jungles in India are naturally developed around beautiful landscapes. hills, waterfalls. Some of the parks also offer some exciting caves, forts, and temples. If you are not much of an animal lover then also Wildlife trip can be one of your things. Enjoy the stay or explore the natural landscape, or just relax in the fresh air and nature. Every wildlife tour package in India is innovatively planned and organized that it will keep you on the hook for the entire trip.

With all these benefits when the trip comes to an end, you are not only refreshed but you surely learn a lot about survival instincts from these muted creatures who know the discipline of life and also know to give respect to someone else territories and survive with grace.

Taking kids to such trips is best in making them learn the real virtue of life which is lost in the chaotic life of the city. I was on my wildlife tour to India in April 2019, with my family. We had some amazing time with an unforgettable experience that not only rejuvenated each member but also helped us know the real crux of knowing, how fortunate it is to be Human and how should we behave in the best interest of mankind.

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