7 Essential Florida Travel Tips You Shouldn’t Forget

Florida, the Sunshine State, is one of the most visited destinations in the United States for its abundant of travel options. The state has a lot to offer travelers – the best part is its 1200 miles coastline! Just imagine, a beach only at a short drive, no matter in which part of Florida you are, you are a few miles away from a beach. To explore the beautiful state, a traveler needs useful Florida travel tips.

This is because there are travelers who feel Florida is all about the Disney Land and Universal Studio. Trust us, these are not the only attractions rather you will find some places better exploratory than the Disney Land (no doubt, you will love Disney but why not venture some more!)

South Florida is known for the Florida Keys and remains to be a popular site for celebrity watchers. Talking about Northeast Florida – here you can take a dig into Florida’s ancient history at St. Augustine or a glimpse into the awesome future of Kennedy Space Center.

In Central Florida are the major attractions like Sea World, Disney World, and Universal Orlando. You will also find popular themed restaurants, water parks and various shopping sites here.

Now the question is ‘where to start?’ and ‘Where to stay?”. We are here with the most helpful Florida travel tips, following which you can explore the state in the best possible way. Easy out a bit and give it a read.

Know about the local Events

Florida is so happening that something or the other is always up for the visitors –Yes, we are talking about the local events that keep a traveler engrossed in the beauty of the place throughout the year. From live entertainment, carnivals, fairs to community events, you should know what is on the plate when you are there. You can log on to the Chamber of Commerce web page of Florida to know about the upcoming events that can be added to your list of itineraries.

Do not overlook the weather in Florida

Weather is an important key factor to consider when planning a holiday in Florida. If planning to visit the state sometime in October or anytime soon, South Florida has the best travel season. You can try exploring the Northern parts of Florida during summers. Talking about Central Florida, the area remains hot throughout the year, but you can hope a better climate in November and December. Considering the varying weather conditions, it is better to monitor the weather in Florida, before planning the trip. So, book cheap flight tickets at Indian Eagle once you check the weather conditions abroad.

Stay protected from the sun

Florida is not popularly known as the Sunshine State without a reason –you will see the sun often in the forecast. It is always better to stay protected from the strong rays of the sun – keep yourself covered and wear a sunscreen during the daytime. If on the beach, try putting it on every two hours. Wear light-colored dresses to minimize the risk of sunstroke. Relax, there’s nothing to panic, you are going to have a great time in Florida, this is just to keep you aware.

Stay flexible with transportation

Most big cities in Florida are well connected through trains, one can take Amtrak to travel easily from one city to another. When there, you can also travel on a charter bus to cities or can even rent a car depending on your suitability. If your plan is to stay in a single city, the best option is to rent a car for your entire trip (avoid the high paying taxis).

Make advance bookings for themed dinners

If you have a desire to have dinner with the Disney characters in Orlando or seek the dinner theater, it is essential to book the table a month prior to your travel. These popular theme dining restaurants fill up quite fast and who would want to miss out on the dining options with the Disney characters! Make your reservations beforehand.

Skip buying souvenirs at attractions

True, souvenirs are something very attractive and you could probably be tempted to buy some at the famous attractions like Disney World in Orlando. Don’t get surprised of what we are about to say – Do not buy souvenirs from attractions. There are dozens of souvenir stands and flea markets from where you can get dozens of souvenirs and gifts and at a price much lower than what the shopkeepers at the theme parks propose.

When are you planning to explore the fantastically amazing cities of Florida? If you are quite positive to plan a tour to the state, keep in mind these essential Florida travel tips to have a wonderful time exploring the cities.

Meta Description: Florida has got a plethora of attractions for visitors but it is equally important to know about a place like Florida before you step out for the exciting tour. We have shared some of the essential Florida travel tips that you shouldn’t forget when in the American state.

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