5 Best Place to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Every year, couples are really excited especially when the month of February is approaching. Music to the ears as they say. It is no doubt that spending quality time with your lover is such a beautiful thing that could happen.  For it is the month of love, every lovers will think what will they do or where do they want to celebrate. Some may want to go under the sea, snorkeling and diving on beaches, climb on a mountain and camping.

                Valentine’s Day aren’t only celebrated by those who are in a relationship, but this is also an opportunity for others to have a quality bond to the persons they loved, most especially to their families.

                But for those who are thinking where they should celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are the best place to celebrate valentine’s day.

  1. Maldives

It is known to everybody what the wonderful Maldives is. This place will make you feel like living in a paradise. With its white sand, crystal clear waters, beautiful corals, luxury beach huts and the ambiance of it will give you a soothing feeling and can make you float in your own cloud nine. Also, this place can offer you very delicious food that makes “you sit back and relax” feeling with your partner.

Maldives will also make you enjoy the good life you’ll never thought you could feel.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

Prague lets you feel theintense and different level of romance. And for those who loves to discover excitement and want to feel like to go back in ancient times, Prague offers you the Medieval architectures, Gothic Churches, baroque buildings and the famous medieval Astronomical Clock that can transport you into a medieval and Bohemian Fairytails.

  • Santorini, Greece

This place is known as the most sought places for lovers because it is also labeled as the most romantic place. Travel nice in this area and you will see its spectacular and jaw-dropping turquoise sea views. Don’t miss also the glorious sunsets in the Byzantine Castle or in the area of Akrotiri lighthouse. No wonder that this  is a popular honeymoon destination.

  • San Francisco, California

This place is one of the most romantic cities in America and usually attracts food lovers. Walking hand in hand with the person you love while strolling in the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying the beautiful and magnificient vistas of the Pacific. Stunning views can be found everywhere in here.

  • Cannon Beach, Oregon

It is truely that the first choice is going to the beach. This Cannon Beach lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place that is also why this place is known as the top spot for romance around the world. You can also enjoy the world class art  galleries,  wonderful seaside  resorts and many more.


                Listed above are just 5 of the best place you can go to celebrate the Valentine’s day with your loved ones. Different place, different offers and ambiance but it’s your choice how to spend the day with them. If the suggested place is not enough for your budget, you could always think a better option and maybe it will be just as a surprise dinner, walking hand-in-hand while strolling around your area and have some sweet conversation, sitting on the top of your roof for stargazing. Actually, sometimes it doesn’t matter where you could spend the day with your partner, as long as you will protect and love each other, then you will find the best place you could have ever been, it’s the place in each other’s heart.

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