14 February Valentine Day

14 February Valentine Day is also referred to as St. Valentine’s Day and holiday where lovers can express their love & affection with gifts and greetings. This holiday is held in mid-February with numerous origins of Lupercalia’s Roman festival. It is also celebrated to invite the upcoming spring season included with the lottery for paring off the men with women and fertility rites. In the 5th century ended, Lupercalia is replaced by Pope Gelasius with St. Valentine’s Day.

From the 14th century, this day is also celebrated as a special day for romance. There are numerous Christian martyrs referred to as Valentine and the name was taken from the martyred priest in 270 CE with the emperor name of Claudius II Gothicus. As per the legend, the priest had signed a new letter to the jailer’s daughter stating that “from your Valentine”, who had healed from blindness, by some accounts, and befriended.

Even the other accounts will hold some information that Terni St. Valentine bishop was named with the Valentine Day. However, both saints are possibly the same person to refer to. A few other reports stats that St. Valentine had defied the orders from the emperor and also secretly married the jailer’s daughter to spare her husband from the epic war. This feast day also has this reason to associate with affection and love.

Celebration on Valentine’s Day

Over the centuries (many years), Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a commercial holiday, an ancient ritual day, and a religious celebration. The Valentine’s Day meaning will change with various aspects like expressing your appreciation and love with your multiple people like family members, friends, romantic partners, & co-workers, purchasing some flowers or chocolates for you, and even skip the entire celebration. A few people will hate and celebrate Galentine’s Day, a new celebration method for any woman to express their love & affection to their closest friends.

In the middle ages era, Chaucer lived for celebrating the partnership, the devotion of romantic statements like paintings, songs, poems, when broad, and courtly love. In the 15th-century end, Valentine was used to briefing the lover’s day with songs & poems. By the 18th century, the England writer published a new book named “The Young Man’s Valentine”. The paper-made Valentine’s greeting cards are printed in the 19th century to know that Valentine’s Day was born. The romantic holiday with truth will reveal the history of Valentine’s Day. Moreover, 7 men were killed on 14th February by the Al Capone organized gang. The Prohibition history will showcase the massacre made on Valentine’s Day, while lawmakers and police are involved to control the illegal substance created by the mobs and gangs.

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