10 Nightlife Experiences to Have on Hong Kong Macau Tour

Hey guys! Are you a party-lover just like me and want to explore the world’s best nightlife places. Then you are on the right page. I am here to share my best nightlife experience with my Hong Kong Macau Tour. these are the cities that light up after the sun goes down.

The beautiful delight neon lights of sky kissing skyscrapers, the city is full of lively music and sounds from pubs and bars, the city illuminates itself with the zest of fortunate people trying their luck.

The clubbing capital of Asia flaunts itself in the stunning moods of party-tourists of the world by offering the drinks along with Hong-Kong’s popular Dim Sum. Especially at the weekend, the whole city builds up the lively atmosphere of revived jolly youth which becomes the major attraction of the city.

Now let me share with you the most amazing nightlife experience of my Hong Kong Macau Holiday.

1. The Rooftop Bars: Kowloon

If you want to experience the cold breezes aroused by the South China Sea and the beautiful view of the contemporary illuminating skyline then the Hong-Kong’s island provides you the best Rooftop Bars and Lounges. We had our most enlightened and exclusive cocktails, head over the vault of heaven, located 118 floors up at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. It was seriously one of the best places we visited during our Hong Kong and Macau Holidays.

2. Asia’s Clubbing Capital-Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong is a city of nightlife, where clubbing plays the lead. After having a mesmerizing view from the rooftop bars, I couldn’t control myself from visiting the party district, Lan Kwai Fong designed in the fusion of Asian and New York influences. The seductive yellow lanterns, separate booth seating arrangements, and the live caged birds-throughout the club plays the major attraction of the district. If you are once there, not even a single pore of your body asks you to stop yourself from dancing until the sun comes up. This is the energy of that place that keeps you fully indulged in the atmosphere of the lively world.   

3. Place of world-class entertainment, Macau

An amazing experience of the world-class entertainment you would only get in this city of life. Macau has always been the best place to provide entertainment at your door-step. We were amazed by exploring the show of ‘the city of dreams’ hosted by the house of dancing water (an award-winning theatre production by director Franco Dragon).

Next, we stepped into the only adorable magic show hosted by ‘The City Studio’ , created by Franz Harary.

So if you ever plan to go on a Hong Kong Macau Tour then never miss out on these astounding entertaining shows.

4. Victoria Harbour- The Night Cruise

After spending a lot of time partying at the packed bars and clubs, now to get a fresh experience from the water of Hong Kong, we chose the best night cruise place that is Victoria Harbour. It is the most popular fun night-time activity for the families having kids and the couple on a date. 

From Victoria Harbour, many stunning night cruises take place, where they offer extra perks of free-drinks and a full trip of lively sights. Night Cruise is a perfect blend of illuminating lights and the rejuvenating scenes of the town, which glitters up the harbor and the city landmark by 8 pm.

5. Cotai Strip-Macau

Strolling along the Cotai Strip has totally engaged us in the mesmerizing view of Macau. It is said if u haven’t seen the Cotai Strip then you haven’t seen Macau at all. It is a famous belt of all the luxury resorts, hotels, most popular bars, our eyes were enthralled by the beautiful scenic of Cotai Strip under the blue clouds during the day time and at night, it’s dazzling effect took us on another level.

It seems with the bright and colorful displays of the hotels, outshine each other which is the most fascinating point of the city. The most sparkled displays of Excalibur, The Parisian’s, Studio City and the glory of the place amazed us. Then we headed towards the exact replica deck of the Eiffel Tower, which was another stunning point of the city.

6. Tazmania Ballroom

Now it was the eve dominated by Hong Kong’s Ball-party, where the most famous Ballroom was Tazmania Ballroom. And it was one of the best places to get rid of the pressure to impress and the time to be yourself. It wasn’t that crowdy like those of the other clubs of Hong Kong but it proved to have all the elements required for the great Night-Party with your flock. We enjoyed almost everything in the ball from the latest DJ music-EDM tracts to the delicious complimentary Dim Sum. The best thing they provide is the ‘happy-hour’ buy one get one offer on the drinks and they have featured a menu of drinks potions such as Jack & coke, gin & tonic, and the best was the Vodka Cranberry. I would suggest everyone visit such an amazing party place.

7. Do a Cannonball at Pool-Party

And it was the next level fun, Pool-parties are organized by the Hotels like ‘studio city’ on the fairly frequent basis for the tourist like us who have got tired of sweat while dancing in the crowded clubs of Macau. Pool-Parties made us cool and energetic again for more enthusiasm with the troop.

8. Night Market-Temple Street, Hong Kong

The place of pocket-friendly shopping in Hong Kong is Temple Street, located between Kansu Street, and the Jorden Road where the Night Market gets lively around 6 pm. Here, the glittering stalls in a continuous row offer you a wonderful variety of cheap goods.

The night market-temple street is where you can find low-priced clothes, watches, footwear, luggage, electronic gadgets and many more. We had our best shopping experience in the Hong-Kong Macau Tour.

9. Ultimate night view of the Guan Yin Statue, Macau

It must not be Macau’s popular statue or major attraction point of the city, but after visiting such a place I realized I would have the most beautiful statue of the Goddess of Mercy in Taoism which turns shiny golden beacon at night. It is said after the build of this statue, Macau has become economically more successful also the reason is from certain angles, this statue resembles the Virgin Mary which makes this place more pious. I hope my amazing experience of Nightlife in the Hong Kong-Macau Tour would surely help you in planning your trip wisely. It is a piece of good advice before you go for booking your Hong Kong Macau Packages, choose your travel agency wisely, and beware of the scamps and fraud which are done in the name of the international affordable tour.

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